Friday, June 8, 2012

Phoenix AZ / Phoenix Center for the Arts

 The day starts out in Tucson with Coconutz in his natural habitat, under the bus. The parts came in to replace the breaks. The temperature is topping out at 103.
 Once we are on our way I start writing some postcards. We have a handful of people that helped raise the money for the bus. We are sending them postcards from the road to show our appreciation. 
 Its a quick trick up to Phoenix. The venue is much larger than the art space we played before. A community theater that our show fills quite well.
The dressing rooms were quite large and even had showers. It was good to be able to shave in a real bathroom before the show started. 
Great friends showed up for the show. John Archer here was the blockhead in the first sideshow that I worked in. He came with an entire crew of old friends. Unfortunately we were not able to catch up very long. We have a seven hour drive to LA the next day.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tucson AZ / Surly Wench

 Another six hours to Tucson. I love the landscape out here. The Temperature is topping out around 100 degrees but it is staying cool in the state room of the bus.
 Out on I10 is the Thing? I first saw The Thing? when I was working the Pima county fair four years ago. I cannot pass without paying homage.
 Just a buck for unknown wonders? I know this game.
 One of the antique cars leading up to The Thing?
 Heather and Manny are horrified at first glance of The Thing?
 While driving into town we have some major break problems.  Immediately Coconutz goes to work fixing it in the heat. 
Ended up going to dinner with friends Donnavan and Edwin. Had a liverwurst and onion sandwich. I have never had liverwurst and will try anything once.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drive Day to El Paso

It's 12 hours to Tucson and Scraps only has a learners permit so I have to sit in the front the entire way.

The skies in east Texas are amazing. We take a minute at a rest stop.

Scraps takes a break from driving.

This is Manny. Its his first time taking in that Texas air.

Anna informed me that Venus is in transit across the sun. The sunset was spectacular from the cab of the  bus.

We pitstop in El Paso for burgers and a movie. Able to look down on the lights of Mexico.

San Angelo, Texas / Dead Horse

The morning started out in a WalMart outside of Austin. Coconutz found a fridge at a Goodwill that we thought could replace the one in the back. We took the door of so it could fit through the hallway. Unfortunately it was to large to fit in the cabinet so it went back out. Maybe down the line we will have a new fridge in the back. We drove on to San Angelo

One of the things that I always remember from living in Texas was the fire ants. It seems like every crack in the earth is alive with these little monsters. So busy and persistent. 

I believe this was my third time back to the Dead Horse. It seemed like it was going to be a small show but once we started it filled quickly. Sets went well. Had to silence one very drunk little girl when she questioned if my moustache is real. 

Jeremy showed up. He was passing through between jumps with the Ringling Brothers Circus. Had a few drinks with him after the show. 

Monday, June 4, 2012


We stopped off in Dallas for showers and coffee at Coconuts house. He had the sweetest Australian Shepard named Ausie. Soon we made it down to Austin to the ND club. Second time in this venue. Went out for a drink or two with Lizardman and Heather to start the night. The waitress at the bar was upset. She wanted to make it out to the show but the evening waitress was MIA and she was going to miss it. She insisted on shots. Her name was Cheri and she was very sweet.

Show started a little late but we had a great opening act. Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat. The show was sweaty and made many acts tough. Nate Widener showed up and I was able to give him a tour of the bus. Oh and Cheri made it out to the show! The audience as very kind as one man paid $100 just to look in the blade box.