Friday, May 29, 2009

New Banner Day.

May brought in new banner day. I think we have a great line this year.

Chris and I managed to score a scaffold to get the job done right.

Chris and Scott Baker could be related.

Marie Roberts popped out of her studio to take a look at her work.

Twelve new banners in all. Quite a unique collection.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Donny Vomit Swallows

Amazing performer and friend Cowboy Chris McDaniel has been working on an amazing video series of sword swallowers. With his trusty lipstick camera he is getting some great shots. I was lucky enough to be part of this project. Here is the raw footage.

Keep an eye on ole' Chis here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Went to Seattle for two nights for there Beer Week. Booked a show at Seattles best beer bar Brouwers. Amazing place. They named a dinner course after me. The Donny V. Special.

Looks good eh? Thats the good suff. That my friends are free range canadian veal bull testicles. And they were amazing.

This is Drew. Last time I saw Drew we were in NYC shopping for swords to swallow. He is one of my favorite musicians. He was on the bill for the evening playing in his newest incarnation,
Gods Favorite Beefcake.
He Brought me a present, a cute little painted turkey foot. I love this man. Drew showed me a bit of the town and we mounted this.

Stalin Biach.

Had a great show. The beers flowed like beer. Hit some great resturants and bars. Can't wait to get back and check out the town more. At the end of it all this is how I found myself.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

and I didn't even know it.

Just finished teaching Sideshow School. A student brought a poem that was written by one of her sisters about yours truly and I will share it with you now.

By: Megan Grumbling

He starts the drill and snarls. On his own cue
he'll take it up the nose for us., fools fresh
off the dirt beach. We're green, have bought these huge
Freaks Beers, lugged them up to the edge of grease-
s,eared bleachers, smutty dark. We're here to watch 
the tattooed fringe stick weir lengths right inside
themselves - rods, bits, snakes, fire, steel nails - to gawk
at hairy Mexicans strut the thin line
stretched low over the stage. We straddle cracks,
some sketchy slats. Dark down there. We clutch rails
not nailed so well, skirt squeamish heights, the back
bride-sumped bathroom's used tampon in a  pail.
Spooked giddy beyond margins, fully loath
to mire in middling, were swigging with both

hands when our MC's nostrils flare. You guys
nervous? He smells us, glares. You should be. Grips
us by our very sphincters and we rise
all right, near squealing - that is, till he flips
us off, smirks: Cause I'm drunk! Cackles. Still, mean drill
nears orifice, and Shhhhhhhh ! his furious hiss
admonishes, as if loose din could kill,
as if for life and art and damn he's pissed
at our philistine shit. But that's not it
at all. Cause soon the slow pimp sneer slides back,
fondles and mocks out saucer eyes, our spread 
lips; poises drill for taking, thrusts his last
taunt: Listen! And damn, does he get this drill,
know that we've paid to hear it all.

Cool poem eh? But just for the record I use the "I'm drunk." line in my juggling act not the blockhead. You would have to be crazy to blockhead drunk!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm your huckleberry

As I write this I am back in NYC working at the Coney Island Sideshow but there are still plenty of stories from Tuscon I have not wrote yet. So enjoy this Arizona flashback.

After seeing The Thing John and I swing by the grand town of Tombstone. We hit Tombstone last year and had a blast but managed to miss two attractions that we had to see this time around.Once in town we head to the OK Corral. Walking the same streets as Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp.

Peeing in the same streets as Doc and Earp.

Wrangling the same novelty bull as Doc and Earp.

Watching the same anamitronic gunfight as Doc and Earp.

We check OK Coral off our to do list and head out for some spelunking.

We head to the silver mine.

What John and I do underground is going to stay underground.

We round out our trip with lunch at Big Nose Kate's bar. A few margaritas and burgers later we hit the road back to Tuscon.

Coming up soon, sideshow fun!