Saturday, May 16, 2009

Went to Seattle for two nights for there Beer Week. Booked a show at Seattles best beer bar Brouwers. Amazing place. They named a dinner course after me. The Donny V. Special.

Looks good eh? Thats the good suff. That my friends are free range canadian veal bull testicles. And they were amazing.

This is Drew. Last time I saw Drew we were in NYC shopping for swords to swallow. He is one of my favorite musicians. He was on the bill for the evening playing in his newest incarnation,
Gods Favorite Beefcake.
He Brought me a present, a cute little painted turkey foot. I love this man. Drew showed me a bit of the town and we mounted this.

Stalin Biach.

Had a great show. The beers flowed like beer. Hit some great resturants and bars. Can't wait to get back and check out the town more. At the end of it all this is how I found myself.


  1. You look so cute in that helmet. Like a puppy dog.... with a helmet.


  2. (It's actually a statue of Lenin--not Stalin)