Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everyone takes a beating sometimes.

I have history of minor injury at the sideshow. I have cut off the tip of my tongue. Broken out my front two teeth. Once I ended up at the Coney Island Hospital with thirteen stitches inside my mouth. Been lucky recently but did end up with a nice little bump last week.

I have been doing a straitjacket escape this year. I get strung up by the ceiling and swung around. Heather will give me a little kick to start me off. Last Friday it was a great kick and I swung eye first into the microphone stand on the other side of the stage. The loud thunk gor a great groan and laughter from the audience.

Being upside down and restrained I thought that I had broke the orbit of my eye. I escaped a bit faster than usual so I could check out the damage.

It may not look like much but that marble size lump hurt like the dickens. When I woke up the next morning it had spread into a black eye.

It kept getting darker for the next couple of days. It was fun to look scrappy for that week.

Bonus Pic

Lizard Man and Black Scorpion. Keeping it real.

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