Friday, August 7, 2009

Wet Plates

I have done a few photo shoots during my time in NYC. None of them has had me as excited as the one that I was involved in last week. Bill Steber came through the sideshow and now we have these.

This is Wet Plate Photography. Taken with vintage cameras you have to hold still for up to 40 seconds. This is one of the reasons that in old photos people don't smile that much.
A little look at the equipment. Note the plate at the base of the tripod. That holds the metal plate that the photo is shot and developed on.
The photos are upside-down and backwards, Gives great effects. These photographers will be back in Coney in a few months. I want to get together a large group of performers to get photos taken.

This one is my favorite. Legs Malone and I. I am sweet on that girl.

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