Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes We Can

John and I wake early. We are both beat from the Tiki bar last night but we have a plan and we are sticking to it. We head out to Old Tuscon. Many westerns have been filmed out there including one of my favorites. Three Amigos.

The chapel on the grounds offered us no comfort. God could not help us shake our hangovers. But we find something that can.

Can-Can girls.

We jump a stagecoach with the ladies. We were joined by the Future Cowboy. The man in gold was a mystery to everyone in the park. His armor was made of gold spray painted cardboard. He carried plastic laser guns. He refused to show his face and generally creeping
everyone out.

We circle the park. As the girls have a laser fight with the Future Cowboy John and I serve as human shields.

After the ride we catch the stunt show and then hit the road. We crash at the hotel for an hour until we have to leave for our five o'clock show. We are beat for the rest of the day.

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