Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Thing

The Arizona landscape is beautiful. Stretches of sun bleached land overshadowed by amazing mountains. But there was one thing in the desert that we could not ignore.

The Thing.
Over two hundred of these billboards dot the Arizona highways beckoning travelers to answer for themselves "What is the Thing?"

After an hour drive we make it to the Thing. On a side note that is our trusty Mustang that we were upgraded to at the rental place just for being weird.

We enter into the gift shop and do our souvenir shopping first. We are confident that the Thing will be well worth the shot glasses and bumper stickers that we buy. We drop a buck and enter the museum.

On the other side is a museum. Littered with artifacts recovered from the desert. Painted tree roots, strange dioramas and old cars pave the way to The Thing!

I am face to face with the Thing! Locals have told me it was not worth it but what I see in the pit is beyond description. It is horrifying, it is mesmerizing it is amazing. It is everything I wanted it to be and more. I leave happy to know what the Thing is.

Oh and what is the Thing? Well if you are passing Dragoon, Arizona you can find out for yourself.


  1. I've driven past "The Thing" hundreds of times but never stopped in... I think your blog entry might be the motivating source I needed. ha ha!