Monday, June 4, 2012


We stopped off in Dallas for showers and coffee at Coconuts house. He had the sweetest Australian Shepard named Ausie. Soon we made it down to Austin to the ND club. Second time in this venue. Went out for a drink or two with Lizardman and Heather to start the night. The waitress at the bar was upset. She wanted to make it out to the show but the evening waitress was MIA and she was going to miss it. She insisted on shots. Her name was Cheri and she was very sweet.

Show started a little late but we had a great opening act. Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat. The show was sweaty and made many acts tough. Nate Widener showed up and I was able to give him a tour of the bus. Oh and Cheri made it out to the show! The audience as very kind as one man paid $100 just to look in the blade box.

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