Tuesday, June 5, 2012

San Angelo, Texas / Dead Horse

The morning started out in a WalMart outside of Austin. Coconutz found a fridge at a Goodwill that we thought could replace the one in the back. We took the door of so it could fit through the hallway. Unfortunately it was to large to fit in the cabinet so it went back out. Maybe down the line we will have a new fridge in the back. We drove on to San Angelo

One of the things that I always remember from living in Texas was the fire ants. It seems like every crack in the earth is alive with these little monsters. So busy and persistent. 

I believe this was my third time back to the Dead Horse. It seemed like it was going to be a small show but once we started it filled quickly. Sets went well. Had to silence one very drunk little girl when she questioned if my moustache is real. 

Jeremy showed up. He was passing through between jumps with the Ringling Brothers Circus. Had a few drinks with him after the show. 

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