Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tucson AZ / Surly Wench

 Another six hours to Tucson. I love the landscape out here. The Temperature is topping out around 100 degrees but it is staying cool in the state room of the bus.
 Out on I10 is the Thing? I first saw The Thing? when I was working the Pima county fair four years ago. I cannot pass without paying homage.
 Just a buck for unknown wonders? I know this game.
 One of the antique cars leading up to The Thing?
 Heather and Manny are horrified at first glance of The Thing?
 While driving into town we have some major break problems.  Immediately Coconutz goes to work fixing it in the heat. 
Ended up going to dinner with friends Donnavan and Edwin. Had a liverwurst and onion sandwich. I have never had liverwurst and will try anything once.

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